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Updated COVID-19 – Information From Da Rin Optometrist

Dear Friends and Family,

Now that we have entered a new phase of the health crisis, we would like to ensure you that we continue to offer a safe environment, this includes:

  • Providing hand sanitiser upon entrance to our stores. We request everyone to disinfect their hands before entering the store
  • Wiping down surfaces frequently throughout the day. This includes but is not limited to EFTPOS terminals, phones, pens and door handles
  • Removing all toys, magazines and unnecessary display items from our waiting room areas 
  • Optometry equipment is sanitized between each patient (as already practised)
  • Breath shields installed on our slit-lamp microscopes
  • Please cancel your appointment if you have a temperature or any cold or flu-like symptoms

As a small independent business, we are forever grateful to the support we’re receiving from our community, and we ask that you continue to support us as we navigate our way through this phase.

Thank you,

Dennis Da Rin, Ron and the team at Da Rin Optometrist

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