The Da Rin Guarantee

DA RIN OPTOMETRIST offer a two year guarantee on your glasses. Warranty covers manufacturing defects such as paint peeling and crazed lenses.


FRAMES ARE DELICATE much like jewellery and need special consideration. So when they come off your face they should go straight in your case. For optimal care, wash your glasses under cool running water with some soft detergent like dishwashing liquid. Dry them with a soft cloth and polish the lenses with your microfibre cloth. The cloths can be washed too, however if they get fluffy come and get a replacement, we have plenty.

Servicethe da rin guarantee

GLASSES FRAMES have working mechanical parts which will wear over time and will require servicing. If you notice deterioration don’t hesitate to pop into one of our stores for adjustment or to replace nose pads or maybe just to give them a clean in our ultra sound baths.

YOUR EYES ARE ONE OF YOUR MOST IMPORTANT SENSES so if you wear contact lenses or glasses it is very important that they are looked after. If you rely on your glasses heavily it may be worth considering a second pair.

TRY TO IMAGINE where you’d be should something happen to your glasses, you’ll be covered by the Da Rin Guarantee only from Da Rin Optometrist.

“Asked for help re-adjusting frames for glasses I didn’t buy at the store. Happily made quick readjustment at no cost with great service to boot. Can’t beat that.”

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