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Alexander Black

Alex completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Optometry in 1996 at QUT. Upon graduation, he worked in private practice in Brisbane for 7 years before returning to work at QUT as a research optometrist.  He completed his PhD in 2010, with a research focus on understanding the links between vision in older adults and functional performance for day to day activities such as mobility and driving, particularly in those with eye disease and visual impairment.  He is actively involved in the teaching of undergraduate optometry students.

Alex began his association with the Da Rin group while undertaking his PhD studies in 2007.  Alex completed his Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics in 2013 and has a keen interest in diagnosis and management of ocular disease in older adults. He is also a member of the Optometrists Association of Australia.

Outside of work he is actively involved in community music, with several local orchestral and musical theatre groups, and loves to travel.

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